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"Just imagine how precious it can be
taking risks and that everything turns out well"

- M. Benedetti -



I am Joaquina Berraondo,  I live in Buenos Aires, I have two daughters and I am a lawyer, specialized in administrative matters. I have always wanted to find a way around work to turn it into a lifestyle that completes me. This is how CONNECT appears, a project that fills me with pride because it was born from a deep personal search and from listening attentively to many conversations with friends.

It gives me joy to put my experience and profession into solving the issues that come our way every day. In a job that supposes, above all, trust. I think it is essential to understand the vulnerability experienced by those who find themselves in such emotional processes as moving or settling in a country that is not their own, or solving problems while being far away. For all of them I would like to be their eyes, make things easier and find together the best solution for what they need.

I am convinced that the world would be a happier place if everyone did what fills their hearts, at least a little bit, every day!

I am Queenie Cavanagh, Counselor (Psychological Consultant), I specialize in couples and families, and for many years I have been accompanying expatriates. I am passionate about being able to provide solutions and advice with warmth and empathy in each service, so that people feel at home. I understand the challenge of being away from family and from one's own country, and how important it is to have someone you trust to accompany you in the process in an integral way: from the emotional to the most practical.


At CONNECT we want to offer you multiple options so that you can enjoy your experience of living abroad and also provide you with solutions if you live in Argentina.

"Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground" - T. Roosevelt


We have our professionals team who share the same values and vocation to solve the needs of our clients. Among them: notaries, accountants, translators, lawyers, immigration managers, real estate agents and national and international moving companies. Together we work on the analysis and solution of each case.

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